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Marquette University Exercise Translational Research Unit (TRU)

Marquette University Exercise Translational Research Unit (TRU)

The Marquette University Exercise Translational Research Unit (MU EXSC-TRU) is intended to assist with clinical health and athletic performance research. Both research participants and translational investigators will benefit from this well-organized Core that can be a one-stop location for a wide variety of services.

The MU EXSC-TRU provides the infrastructural support for the conduct of clinical and translational research projects by providing access to space, resources, and the expertise of research support personnel.

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The MU EXSC-TRU is housed in and coordinated through the Human Performance Assessment Core (HPAC) in Marquette’s Program in Exercise Science in the College of Health Sciences on 16th St and Wisconsin Avenue. It provides an environment for investigators to conduct comprehensive human studies in health and fitness. The MU EXSC-TRU is designed to support a wide range of research techniques and protocols in an easy to navigate location with ancillary labs and expertise available to accommodate physiology, body composition, biomechanics, engineering, blood sampling, strength, and power assessments.



The MU EXSC-TRU is designed to assist with many services in the assessment of health, fitness, and athletic performance and offers the following services:

Health Assessments

  • Vital Signs, height, weight, girth measurements
  • Body composition
    • DXA scan (including AP spine and dual femur BMD if desired)
    • Skinfold measurements
    • Bioelectrical impedance (various devices)
  • Resting 12-lead ECG (un-interpretation)
  • ECG (un-interpretation) and during submaximal exercise.  Non-interpretation or un-interpreted
  • Resting 12-lead ECG (un-interpretation)
  • Resting and/or submaximal exercise blood pressure
  • Resting metabolic rate (indirect calorimetry or portable assessments)
  • Sleep monitoring
    • WatchPat (with oximetry and apnea score)
    • Beddit (with heart rate, total sleep time)

Exercise Fitness/Performance

  • VO2 max (running, cycling, recumbent cycle)
  • Lactate threshold
  • Submaximal exercise tests
  • Functional Threshold Power (FTP) on personal bike
  • Wingate Anaerobic Power Test
  • Strength testing (isokinetic of major muscle groups)


  • Assistance with Standard of Care lab draws
  • Blood processing (use of Blood Chemistry Lab)
  • Sample storage (refrigerated and -80 degree Celsius freezer)
  • Long-term sample storage and inventory
  • Point of Care (POC) glucose, lactate, lipids, hemoglobin
  • Urine (hydration status)


  • Coordinate patient/volunteer visits
  • Develop data collection/flow sheets
  • Data processing
  • Assist with Marquette IRB
  • Orientation
  • Room use and/or equipment set up and calibration


Equipment that can be found in the HPAC includes:

  • GE Vivid e95 ultrasound machine with Linear, 3D and 4D echo probes
  • ParvoMed metabolic cart with hood for resting metabolic rate
  • Woodway treadmill
  • Noraxon SciFit Treadmill and software for gait analysis (myoPressure), EMG analysis (myoMuscle), and 3-plane movement (myoMotion) (housed in Biomechanics Lab)
  • HUMAC Norm strength/power/rehabilitation dynamometer
  • Keiser Power Rack
  • Tekscan MobileMat for balance assessment, BESS, and training
  • Supplies/equipment for muscle biopsies
  • 12 CompuTrainers and software (some permanently housed in Strength and Conditioning Lab)
  • Velotron cycle ergometer and software (testing and training modes)
  • Refractometer for urine specific gravity
  • Point of care monitors for lactate, glucose, hemoglobin, cholesterol, A1c
  • Skinfold calipers and various bioelectrical impedance devices (and access to Body Composition Lab)
  • Portable spirometers
  • Breezing portable RMR

Strength and Conditioning Laboratory

  • 600 cm x 1200 cm AMTI force platform flush mounted in an Olympic lifting platform
  • 8-channel telemetered Delsys EMG system
  • 4 camera Vicon Bonita motion analysis system
  • Brower Speed Trap II wireless timing system
  • Four 36” flat screen monitors
  • 8 speakers with 2 VGA/Audio input locations
  • FreeMotion dual cable cross machine
  • Cybex Eagle Leg Press
  • Concept II rowing ergometer
  • Dumbbell set (1-100 lb)
  • Kettle Bell set (5-70 lb)
  • Vertec vertical jump system
  • Crossfit Dynamax Ball set
  • Battle Ropes, weighted vests, and other tactical training gear
  • Olympic lifting platform
  • Magnum Fitness Smith Machine
  • Various Magnum Fitness resistance training equipment
  • Plyometric training equipment
  • Balance training equipment
  • Speed training equipment
  • Agility training equipment
  • Permanent space for 8 CompuTrainers for cycling (dual functioning ergometer and power meter) with software to replicate outdoor training–Includes projector and software to host indoor classes

Exercise Physiology Laboratory

  • 2 Vmax CareFusion cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) systems
  • MetaMax 3b portable CPET systems
  • 4 ECG Cardiac Assessment System for Exercise Testing (CASE) with treadmills
  • Various electronically-braked cycle ergometers
  • 8 Biopac physiological monitoring systems (MP 30-36)
  • Z-Lift and Lite gate (with tablet) bodyweight supported treadmill system
  • Woodway Alter G (anti-gravity) treadmill with XS to XXXL shorts
  • 4 Monark cycle ergometers
  • 3 Monark upper body ergometers
  • Recumbent cycle ergometers (LE only and UE/LE)
  • NuStep
  • GE vascular ultrasound
  • Polar HR monitors

Biomechanics/ Motion Analysis Laboratory

  • 14-camera digital Vicon MX motion analysis system
  • 16-channel Delsys Trigno wireless EMG/ accelerometer system
  • Two 600 cm x 600 cm AMTI force platforms flush mounted in the floor
  • Biodex System 2 isokinetic dynamometer
  • 50” monitor display
  • Woodway treadmills (including non-motorized Curve)
  • Biodex 4

Body Composition Laboratory

  • Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) – Lunar IDXA by General Electric with new Trabicular Bone Score software (TBS)
  • Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)
    • Bodystat Analyzer Systems
    • Tanita scales
    • Omron handheld
  • Skinfold Measurement
    • Lange skinfold caliper
    • Harpenden skinfold caliper
  • Anthropometric measurements
    • Anthropometer (small, medium & large)
    • Stadiometer
    • Gullick tape measures
    • Scale
Hours of Operation

Hours vary by semester but are flexible and accommodating. Please contact Toni Uhrich, HPAC Director, via phone or email at 414-288-3080.

ServiceNon-Profit SponsorFor-Profit SponsorDescription of Services
Protocol Set-up$100$150Flowsheet creation; orientation, education; equipment certifications; tour of facilities
IRB Assistance$100$150Guidance/assistance through the Marquette University process
TRU Facility Use$10/visit$20/visitParticipant Coordination - ex. scheduling, room prep. Room use and set-up. Equipment & supplies – usual and customary
VO2max testing$125$180Maximal aerobic capacity with ramp or graded exercise testing protocol. Cycle or treadmill. Protocol dependent on population.
VO2max with lactate threshold$150$225Maximal aerobic capacity with ramp or graded exercise testing protocol. Cycle or treadmill. Protocol dependent on population.
FTP (Functional Threshold Power)$50$75Threshold pace determined while cycling on your own bike attached to our CompuTrainer and PerfPro software.
Wingate Anaerobic Power Test$35$50Assess peak power in 30-sec all-out cycling effort.
Isokinetic Strength Assessment$50/joint$75Strength testing at many joint(s) or speed of movement. Comparisons can be made to assess differences bilaterally (left to ride sides) or contra-laterally (opposing muscle groups) Identifying differences or imbalances can help prevent injury.
Resting EKG (un-interpreted)$50$75Resting assessment of the heart function.
Exercise stress test (EKG un-interpreted)$100$150EKG monitoring during cycling or walking protocols.
HRV (un-interpreted)$20$30EKG data formatted to assess heart rate variability.
DXA Scan, body comp$75$100Total body composition (lean and fat mass with visceral adipose measurement).
Female participants require non-pregnant status.
DXA Scan, bone mineral density$100$150Total body composition and bone mineral density testing (AP Spine and Dual Femurs). Female participants require non-pregnant status
Bioelectric Impedance, hand held or stand on$15$25Lean mass and percent fat body measurement
Bioelectric Impedance, Bodystat$20$30Total, extracellular, intercellular body water measurement, lean mass, and percent fat body measurement.
Anthropometrics: Height, Weight, Waist, Hip $10$15Multiple site measurements, BMI, waist to hip ratios calculated
Body fat prediction: Skinfolds$20$30Skinfold measurements performed by a skilled technician. Population specific equations calculated with references
Resting Metabolic Rate (Indirect Calorimetry)$125$150Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) & Respiratory Quotient
Sleep Study (in home with WatchPat 200)$175$250Home sleep assessment with pulse oximetry and phono for quantification of sleep time, quality, snoring, and apnea score.
GE Vivid, ultrasoundNegotiable3D, 4D, and linear probes available to borrow.
Fees - Point of Care
TestNon-Profit SponsorFor-Profit Sponsor
Urine specific gravity - POC$2$5
Glucose - POC$15$20
Hemoglobin - POC$15$20
Cholesterol - POC$25$40
Lactate - POC$7 per during testing$15

  • Free parking across the street
  • Changing rooms with lockers
  • Private showering facility
  • Wheelchair accessible

Terms & Attestations


  • The MU Exercise TRU requires a fully signed Letter of Agreement (LOA), a study roll-out meeting, and a copy of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) Approval letter before the study may begin.
  • Scheduling of Requested Services: Please email MU Exercise TRU to set up a study appointment. Availability is to the best of our ability with variables including but not limited to: already scheduled services for this or any other study, availability of appropriate staff, and availability of appropriate physical space.
  • Cancellation of Requested Services: Please provide notice of at least 48 hours for cancellation of requested services.
  • As a practice, the MU Exercise TRU will maintain study documentation on the original device and a paper copy will be stored in a locked cabinet until transfer of all data at the end of the study.
  • As a CTSI Investigator, you agree to participate in the TRU’s annual satisfaction survey process.
  • Should additional services be requested, a new proposal may be created to outline the scope of the request and associated cost-sharing fees. This LOA will be amended as necessary.
  • If any changes are made in your protocol, it is the study team’s responsibility to provide any updated IRB approved forms and review any procedural changes with the MUTRU Director prior to the next participant’s scheduled visit.
  • The TRU will bill on a quarterly basis for all services rendered.
  • Payment for services performed will be expected upon receipt of a billing statement.


  • You agree to acknowledge the technical assistance of the Marquette University HPAC (Human Performance Assessment Core) in presentations and publications.
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MU EXSC-TRU can provide a wide range of support for both funded and pilot research. Please contact Toni Uhrich to learn more about how we can meet your needs. Contact us to set up a meeting for initial conversations.

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NIH Funding Acknowledgment: Important Reminder – Please acknowledge the NIH when publishing papers, patents, projects, and presentations resulting from the use of CTSI resources by including the NIH Funding Acknowledgement.


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