Biostatistical Consultation Mini-grants

Biostatistical Consulting Mini-grants

The Biostatistics & Epidemiology Research Design (BERD) Program provides support to the program by providing statistical support to investigators on study design, data management, data entry, scannable form development, statistical software usage and analysis. It offers collaboration on the development of Institutional Review Board (IRB) proposals, federal and private grant proposals and Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI) proposals and assistance in using national databases to study important health issues.

The program provides continuing education in statistical design and statistical methods for clinical and basic science investigators. BERD faculty perform original biostatistical research on topics related to the design and analysis of Clinical and Translational Research.

Statistical Support

Statistical support is provided through two complementary units of the Medical College of Wisconsin:

  • The Division of Biostatistics of the Institute for Health and Society provides statistical support to investigators throughout CTSI. Basic statistical support is provided through the Biostatistical Consulting Service. The Division offers a PhD in Biostatistics, continuing education lectures in Biostatistics and a bimonthly newsletter. Faculty in the Division perform orginal statistical research related to topics of interest to CTSI investigators.
  • The Quantitative Health Sciences Division of the Department of Pediatrics provides statistical support for pediatric studies. In partnership with Children’s Research Institute, QHS helps train junior researchers, work with more mature researchers in obtaining and maintaining funding, and develop standardized data management protocols which facilitate the collection of quality data.

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