Biostatistical Consultation

Biostatistical Consultation

The Biostatistical Consulting Center of the Division of Biostatistics offers statistical support to biomedical investigators.

Aniko Szabo, PhD heads a team of CTSI biostatisticans that consults on issues such as power calculations, sample sizes and stratifications to insure statistical validity, and consultation on statistical software packages

The Biostatistical Consulting Center of the Division of Biostatistics offers statistical support to biomedical investigators. This support includes assistance with design and analysis of clinical trials, design and analysis of observational studies, design and analysis of surveys, assistance with public databases, sample size and power calculations and data analysis and interpretation.

Our faculty and staff have extensive experience in the preparation of NIH, NSF, Department of Education, HERSA, Healthier Wisconsin, and VA Grants. We have also helped prepare proposals for a number of private research foundations. The Service provides free consulting for clinical and translational research performed by employees of MCW or its affiliates. The consulting center can also perform data entry on a for-fee basis.


Health Research Center, 2400


  • Assistance with design and analysis of clinical trials
  • Design and analysis of observational studies
  • Design and analysis of surveys
  • Assistance with public databases
  • Sample size and power calculations
  • Data analysis and interpretation


Personnel/Contact Information

Simpson, PippaPippa M Simpson, PhDSimpson, Pippa
Pippa M. Simpson, PhD
Director of the Quantitative Health Center
(414) 955-4521Email
Szabo, AnikoAniko Szabo, PhDSzabo, AnikoAniko Szabo, PhD
Director, Biostatistical Consulting Service
Eastwood, DanDan Eastwood, MSEastwood, DanDan Eastwood, MS
Manager, Biostatistical Consulting Service

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