Translational Funding Opportunities

CTSI funds innovative, multidisciplinary studies that advance Clinical and Translational Research.

We provide:

  • Seed/pilot funding for new and promising clinical and translational projects
  • A mechanism for young investigators to focus efforts in clinical and translational research
  • Stimulation of collaborative research between bench and clinical investigators with similar areas of interest
  • Fostering interdisciplinary collaborations between constituent groups in the CTSI
  • Core support for facilities conducting research in novel methodologies
  • Infrastructure support for services that promote clinical and translational research
  • Support for the enhancement of technology transfer services & expertise
  • Co-funding grant opportunities with Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Research and Education Program

Current Funding Opportunities

2025TranslationalSciencePilotRFA_Location Card Component

2025 Pilot Award To Advance Translational Science

The purpose of this award is to promote translational science and the development of innovative tools and methods to address barriers to translational and clinical research.

News InnovativeProjectRFA_Side Scrolling Card Component

Clinical and Translational Science Based Innovative Projects

The Clinical and Translational Science Research Program Element will support discrete research project(s) that should address a truly significant roadblock in Clinical and Translational Science.

MellowesCenterSequencingGrant_Location Card Component

Mellowes Center for Genomic Sciences Sequencing and Analysis Grant

The partnership between CTSI and the Mellowes Center for Genomic Sciences and Precision Medicine, is seeking proposals for small-scale research projects that utilize any combination of the genomic, transcriptomic, or epigenomic technologies and bioinformatics platforms available in the MC.

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