Center for Biomedical Informatics

CTSI Center for Biomedical Informatics (CBMI)

The CBMI includes three pillar teams: Research Informatics, Research Data Engineering & Research Software Engineering.

Each pillar provides expertise in important biomedical informatics knowledge domains: data warehousing, data modeling, application design and development, recruitment database management, natural language processing, and more!

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Research Informatics (RI) & Research Data Engineering (RDE)

These CBMI pillars build, maintain, and support the self-service Clinical Research Data Warehouse, an integrated data environment comprised of health information from the Froedtert Health Network and Children’s Wisconsin electronic health record systems as well as other valuable data resources such as legacy billing from GE/IDX, the MCW Tissue Bank, and NAACCR tumor registry.

Consultations with RI/RDE for custom funded projects can be requested by emailing

Cohort discovery query tools, i2b2 and TriNetX, enable HIPAA-compliant de-identified querying of clinical information to generate counts and patient sets
Honest Broker tools allow unlimited extraction of curated data domain tables in fully de-identified format and facilitate PHI extract requests for researchers with approved IRB protocols
Jupyter Hub offers the power of a computational environment to researchers with advanced data science skills, allowing them to independently query and analyze encrypted Honest Broker tables directly.

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