CTSI Academy

CTSI Academy

CTSI Academy is a one-stop shop for training in the practical aspects of translational research.
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Fundamental to our success is the availability of a well-trained translational workforce. An important segment of this workforce includes the non-investigator personnel that assist in various capacities in a successful research program. CTSI Academy offers a specific focus on training and education for this segment of research personnel, in addition to offering important aspects of research training to PIs. Our theme is “Advancing Health through Education in Research and Discovery.”

The Academy aims to transform training and education for current and future translationists by narrowing the gaps in education and training on the practical aspects for the conduct of research in collaboration with the MCW Office of Research and our partner institutions.
Overarching Goal

Overarching Goal

To provide optimal training and education opportunities for current and future generations of clinical and translational scientists.


  1. To develop training and educational opportunities for CTSI/MCW translational research support infrastructure on the practical aspects of the conduct of research
  2. To enhance training and/or educational activities for existing CTSI education and training programs
  3. To develop and/or enhance tools that support CTSI training and education programs

CTSI Academy Programs

Medical Professionals and Patient participating in clinical research

Bootcamp: Clinical Research Basics

This program has a strong focus on the practical conduct of clinical research at MCW and its partner institutions.

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Clinical Trial Financial Management Workshop 

The goal of this workshop is to enable interaction with content experts and provide tips, templates and tools for successful financial management of clinical trials.

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Clinical Trialist Training 101 (Virtual)

This course will provide an overview of a wide range of topics with a focus on the development of pharma/industry sponsored clinical trials and investigator-initiated research projects.

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ClinicalTrials.gov Training: Protocol Registration & Results Reporting System

This program will walk participants through the registration process and results reporting while highlighting key components, requirements, and deadlines.

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Data Analytics Visualization Course

This pathway will prepare you with foundational skills for the digital economy.

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Dissecting Clinical Research Publications Series

Dissecting Clinical Research Publications (DiCReP) will focus on evaluating the scientific validity and rigor of published journal articles.

Implementation Science for Innovation and Discovery

Implementation Science for Innovation and Discovery

This education series offers a monthly presentation to facilitate development, application, and uptake of innovation in research and scholarly activities using implementation science.

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Manuscript Writing Intensive Course

This course aims to help participants achieve greater success in writing competitive manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals.

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Methods in Grant Preparation

This series addresses how to succinctly state overall and specific hypotheses and specific aims with affirmation and relevance.


Virtual Multidisciplinary Team Science Workshop

The Multidisciplinary Team Science Workshop Series addresses foundational level knowledge of research team development towards the conduct of a clinical and translational research project.

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Research Consenting Workshop

In this workshop, participants will become familiar with research consenting regulations, institutional requirements, and best practices.

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Research Coordinator Enrichment Series

The CTSI Academy is offering an education series addressing day-to-day components of clinical research conduct.

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