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Certificate of Advanced Qualifications in Human Subjects Protections

Certificate of Advanced Qualifications in Human Subjects Protections

The Certificate of Advanced Qualifications in Human Subjects Protection, co-sponsored by the Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute and the Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities, provides additional training and academic benefit to advanced IRB members, i.e., those that have served on an IRB for more than two years.


Credits: 12
Type: Online
Application Deadline: July 1

This certificate is designed to explore more advanced topics in human subjects protections relevant to IRB work in the area of ethics, regulations, current topics, and IRB member skills and professionalism.  Graduates of this certificate will be able to specialize in IRB work and research, akin to recent developments in quality improvement, in which faculty and staff have undertaken specialization in their field.  Upon completion of this program, graduates will be ready to conduct their own research to advance the field of regulatory science in addition to being better equipped to serve as senior IRB members, perhaps eventually moving into leadership roles.  The certificate will enroll a cohort of new students every other year, as the bioethics-based courses will only be offered every other year.

Message from the Co-Directors

Over the years, MCW’s bioethics programs have been recognized for their intellectual rigor and leadership in bioethics and research ethics education. As the Co-Directors of the Certificate of Advanced Qualifications in Human Subjects Protection, we are committed to promoting this tradition of academic excellence and to foster a student-centered learning environment. If you have any questions about the bioethics programs or the application process, please don’t hesitate to contact either of us.

Fabrice Jotterand, PhD, MA
Professor of Bioethics and Medical Humanities
(414) 955-8451

Ryan Spellecy, PhD

Ryan Spellecy, PhD
Ursula von der Ruhr Professor of Bioethics
(414) 456-8763

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