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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of this service?
Please view the Processes and Fees page for more information.

How quickly will I receive my images?
After receiving approval from OCRICC, standard turnaround time is 5 business days. You may request expedited processing (1 or 2 days), which carries an additional fee per request. No work on de-identification is performed during non-bussiness hours or on weekends and holidays.

Q: Can you de-identify images from Children’s Hospital or the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center?
No, we solely have processes and agreements in place for access to images from Froedtert.

Can I get the images in formats other than DICOM?
No, we only deliver images in DICOM format. You are responsible for conversion to other formats using tools like RadiantViewer.

Can you handle data formats other than those that come from PACS, such as echocardiogram movies?
No, video formats are not available yet. We are currently Piloting video de-identification.

Once de-identified, how can I tell which accession numbers below to which subject, since this data is removed from the images?
If you are already using de-identified Subject IDs, please use them when you submit your list of Accession IDs. We will then use your IDs. If not, your project will get random subject IDs. Example: Subject1, Subject2, etc.

After each set of images has been processed, we will provide you with a spreadsheet that includes Accession IDs you submitted paired with the subject IDs we used for you to keep in your records. For security reasons, these will never be stored on the XNAT.

How long will my images be stored on the XNAT Server for our study?
There is currently no time limit. We are in the process of determining length of storage, but a timeline has not yet been determined. We will not remove your images without notifying you in advance.

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