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Applicant & Awardee Resources

Applicant & Awardee Resources

CTSI provides guidance documents and resources for investigators for preparing a research grant application or fulfilling requirements for study approvals.

Resources for Applicants


  • Clinical Research: The Pilot Award Program funds clinical and translational research according to the NIH definition described on the ‘What is Clinical & Translational Research?’ page.
  • Translational Research: Applications will be reviewed and considered for funding based on NIH-identified translational areas.
  • T-Levels: Applications must provide a T-level designation for the proposed research according to the CTSI translational continuum, which is based on NIH guidelines.
    • Important Notes:
      • It is important to propose a project which is feasible within the given timeframe and budget of the pilot award. Pilot studies are, by definition, smaller in nature than those involving Phase II, III, and IV Clinical Trials and would only provide preliminary evidence for these larger studies.In these cases, and especially for T3 and T4 studies, when determining the T-Level of your pilot project, use the descriptions as reference for the type of larger study your pilot project would directly support.
      • Proposals for T1 – T2 studies will be grouped and reviewed together, and proposals for T3 – T4 studies will be grouped and reviewed together.
      • Proposals incorporating solely T0 research are NOT eligible to apply.
      • Proposals that incorporate T5 research in addition to one of the T1 – T4 Levels ARE eligible to apply.

NIH Reviewer Guides

The documents below are designed for reviewers but are also helpful for applicants to understand the characteristics comprising a high-quality, competitive proposal.

Team Science Criteria

59 KBProposed Team Science Criteria

Online Tutorials from NIH

The NIH offers a 4-part series of online tutorials covering the basics of preparing, writing, and submitting your application.

Visit the How to Apply Video Tutorials page

Resources for Awardees


Investigators who are nominated for or awarded a CTSI Pilot award may be required to submit documentation for NCATS Prior Approval for human subjects research.

NCATS is the NIH National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences which holds the parent award supporting CTSI. As such, CTSI and all pilot awardees supported by the CTSI are subject to the NCATS requirement for Prior Approval of human subjects research.

The following is an except from the NCATS Prior Approval FAQs page.

Prior approval is required for human subjects research with all pilot projects funded by NCATS, in full or partially, and for any pilot projects using institutional commitment specifically mentioned in the grant application.

CTSI has developed a REDCap repository into which PIs will upload documents and which includes detailed instructions and templates to facilitate this process. PIs of projects that are subject to this requirement will be sent a link to this REDCap survey as soon as notification of recommendation for funding is issued.

Important Notes

  • NCATS requires IRB approval at the time of submission for Prior Approval.
  • NCATS requires receipt of documents at least 30 days before the project start date.
  • As such, PIs must adhere to given timelines and submission deadlines to avoid rescission of funding recommendation.

The current version of the NCATS Prior Approval Checklist is provided below as a reference only, since it is subject to change. The CTSI REDCap repository will include the most up-to-date version and will be made available to all eligible PIs at the time of notification of recommendation for funding.

AHW REP and NIH Funding Acknowledgment

Important Reminder – Please acknowledge the AHW REP and NIH when publishing or presenting any outcomes resulting from your study by including the CTSI Funding Acknowledgement. Please also refer to the AHW REP Award Administration Manual for the AHW Acknowledgement Policy.
AHW REP Award Administration Manual

Applications for CTSI funding opportunities for projects which have an MCW PI must be routed through eBridge.

The MCW PI must create a Funding Proposal (FP) which must be submitted to the MCW Grants & Contracts Office (GCO) no later than 5 business days before the CTSI submission deadline as indicated on the Request for Applications.

Please select the button below to view specific instructions on how to complete eBridge SmartForms for our various funding pipelines.

Funding Alert Service Team (FAST Service)

Linking Faculty to Grant Opportunities

With hundreds of funding sources with thousands of individual programs and opportunities determining which of these sources are appropriate for your projects, can be a daunting task that demands a variety of approaches.

In an effort to assist you in advancing your research, funding search services are being offered by MCW Libraries and the Office of Research in partnership with the Office of Development to alert you to potential funding opportunities.

NIH Funding Acknowledgment: Important Reminder – Please acknowledge the NIH when publishing papers, patents, projects, and presentations resulting from the use of CTSI resources by including the NIH Funding Acknowledgement.


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