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Citizens Advisory Council

Citizens Advisory Council

The Citizens Advisory Council as a part of the Community Engagement Program and supports interrelated, collaborative relationships between the key functions of the CTSI structure and provides new opportunities for faculty and students to expand work with communities by:

  • Providing opportunities for public participation;
  • Ensuring community engagement initiatives are aligned to leverage internal and external collaborators and resources;
  • Providing sufficient opportunities for input and consideration of department, center, and faculty stakeholders, and
  • Ensuring that the CTSI community engaged initiatives are strategically aligned with other key functions to maximize leadership and growth over the coming years.


The following principles and values guide the Community Advisory Council.

  • Recognizes the community as a source of information and experience
  • Builds on the strengths and resources that exist within the community
  • Promotes co-learning and capacity building among all partners
  • Respects and values diversity to meet the needs of the community
  • Supports cultural awareness, humility and respect
  • Values social responsibility and adheres to principles of social justice

Organizations Represented in the Community Advisory Council

Agape Community Center

The Agape Community Center is a leading nonprofit organization serving the northwest Milwaukee, Wisconsin urban community known as Thurston Woods. Founded in 1986 through the financial support and thoughtful vision of the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother, Agape is the only comprehensive social service agency in our target area, providing a focal point and safe place within the neighborhood.

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IMPACT Planning Council

IMPACT Planning Council works in partnership with community leaders, decision makers, and service providers that are committed to improving the well-being of residents in Southeastern Wisconsin. Our role is to determine best practices; conduct research; evaluate data; and, assemble stakeholders to address issues such as substance abuse, poverty, public health, violence prevention, diversity, teen pregnancy, infant mortality and mental health.

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Silver Spring Neighborhood Center

For 55 years, Silver Spring Neighborhood Center has been a stabilizing presence within Westlawn, Wisconsin’s largest public housing development, and on Milwaukee’s northwest side. Focused on its mission to “build a safer, stronger neighborhood and community,” Silver Spring serves residents with a wide spectrum of wraparound programs to help individuals and families reach self-sufficiency.

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United Community Center

Centro de la Comunidad Unida/United Community Center (UCC) provides programs to Hispanics and near south side residents of all ages in the areas of education, cultural arts, recreation, community development and health and human services. UCC helps people achieve their potential by focusing on cultural heritage as a means of strengthening personal development.

Steady, thoughtful program and facilities growth has been one of UCC’s greatest accomplishments. While providing a dependable source of support for generations of south side families, UCC has carefully expanded its mission and capacity. Established in 1970 as a youth recreation center, UCC has developed many program components in response to important community needs.

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United Neighborhood Center of Milwaukee

The mission of the United Neighborhood Centers of Milwaukee is to strengthen city neighborhoods by combining and enhancing the assets of our partner agencies to improve the quality of life for urban families.

UNCOM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working in collaboration with Milwaukee neighborhood centers to create model programs, build organizational capacity, and share expertise and best practices across agencies. Together UNCOM agencies work to utilize the assets of Milwaukee’s diverse communities supporting the growth of healthy, wholesome, and empowered neighborhoods. With eight member agencies and two associate member agencies, UNCOM partners collaboratively reach more than 63,000 Milwaukee area residents each year.

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