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Mind in the Making

Mind in the Making

Science in Action

Building essential life skills in children by transforming groundbreaking research into practice.

What is Mind in the Making?

Mind in the Making, a program of the Bezos Family Foundation, shares the science of children’s learning through innovative in-depth training and materials geared for action. MITM’s Learning Modules, Skill-Building Opportunities and Book Tips serve professionals and caregivers across a wide array of sectors and take a two-generational approach to building executive function-based life skills within children and families together.
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The 7 Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs

Dedicated to sharing the science of children’s learning with professionals and families.
MITM’s 7 Essential Life Skills help adults understand and encourage important executive function-based skills children need to thrive. Executive function-based life skills involve managing thoughts, actions and emotions to achieve goals.
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MITM Learning Opportunities

More than half a million people have downloaded MITM’s hundreds of resources that help bridge the gap between knowledge and practice. Learn how to take the stress out of challenging behaviors by turning them into opportunities to build life skills.
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A Moment We’ve Been Waiting For!
Latest ResearchFrom the Field
Watch our video interview with Dr. Patricia Kuhl to hear the story behind the new National Academy of Sciences report that answers the question: “Does quality early childhood education lead to more successful lives as adults?” And join us in cheering because the Academy’s answer is a resounding YES!
Photo: National Academy of Science
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Strategies to Support Families in Promoting Self-Directed, Engaged Learning
From the FieldBoosting Life Skills
Give parents and caregivers tools to nurture kids’ interests and get them excited about learning.
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Child Care vs. School/Education vs. Care
From the FieldCommunity Engagement
An OpEd from the New York Times
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