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WMSEAiring the 3rd Friday of each month at noon, listen to Discovery Radio on 91.7 WMSE, or browse our episode archive. Hear interviews and information about what scientists across southeastern Wisconsin are “discovering” in their labs and clinics.

Think of it as a look behind the curtain of what is happening to accelerate discoveries to improve the health of our community sometimes years before you would ever hear about it anywhere else. Discovery Radio introduces you to new and novel discoveries and the researchers behind them. It will change the way you think about your health and well being in Wisconsin.

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ThinkResearch by Harvard Catalyst
We all are impacted by, and reap the benefits of, medical research discoveries. From over-the-counter drugs, to healthcare policies and educational interventions, many of these advancements are a result of incredible feats, decades of work, and sometimes serendipitous events. Join us as we sit down with Harvard researchers to discuss these captivating behind-the-scenes stories of research.

Episode Archive

21 Jul
Discovery Radio – Episode #39 – The Periscope Project

Managing medications for treatment of behavioral health issues or addiction disorders can be challenging. But, imagine the added challenge of managing medications for women with these conditions who are pregnant or who have recently given birth. On today’s show, we’ll learn about a new initiative aimed...

07 Jun
CTSI Discovery Radio now on iTunes and Google Play Music

CTSI Discovery Radio is now available as a podcast in iTunes and Google Play! Click on the links below to be taken directly to the show in iTunes or Google Play Music where you can subscribe, stream or download any of the episodes. Please feel...

21 Oct
Discovery Radio – Episode #30 – Trust Your Gut

How many times have you heard it? “Trust your gut!” Well, do you? New findings from a recent clinical study on the human gut bacteria suggest that you should. On today’s show, we’ll learn about one local research team who’ve discovered a groundbreaking link connecting a...

16 Sep
Discovery Radio Episode #29 – Eye Institute 40th Anniversary

Helen Keller once said, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but lacking vision.” On today’s show, we set our sights on The Froedtert and Medical College of Wisconsin’s Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences, focusing on the pioneering vision and...

19 Aug
Discovery Radio Episode #28 – Hearts & Minds of our Students

The ‘dog days’ of summer here, which means students will soon be heading back to classrooms for learning and fields for playing prep sports. As parents, it’s our job to guide our children toward educational opportunities that can positively impact their future. On today’s show, you’ll...

15 Jul
Discovery Radio – Episode #27 – Alternative Therapies for PTSD

With the recent Memorial Day and Independence Day holidays, we paid respect to our military veterans who sacrificed their lives and we celebrated our freedom that their sacrifice brings. For many veterans, the price of defending our freedom is high. Even the ones fortunate enough to...

17 Jun
Discovery Radio – Episode #26 – Emerging Disease: Zika Virus

Spring has barely sprung in our area, but already there’s plenty of talk about mosquitoes. Before they’ve even had an opportunity to become pesky, uninvited guest at our backyard BBQs and other outdoor activities, many of us have mosquitoes on our minds due to an...

20 May
Discovery Radio – Episode #25 – Forever Changed

With Spring upon us, area high school students are experiencing an annual tradition and one of the school year’s highlights: Prom. It’s an exciting time. But, along with all of the pomp and pageantry this time of year brings, it also brings concern for parents because...

15 Apr
Discovery Radio – Episode #24 – ADHD Diagnosis Challenges

We’ve all heard the expression, “kids will be kids,” but sometimes children act in ways that cannot be explained away so simply. When a young person shows symptoms of fidgeting, issues in getting along with others, excessive talking or risky behavior, it’s possible that child...

18 Mar
Discovery Radio – Episode #23 – Connectomes & Genomes

The human brain is complex, its various regions wired together by vast and intricate networks of connections so abundant, it’s a wonder we ourselves can understand how it actually works. But a couple of studies are doing exactly that. Find out what we’ve learned, and...

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