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CTSI Discovery Radio

Airs every 3rd Friday @ noon on 91.7 WMSE

CTSI Discovery Radio


CTSI Discovery Radio is our 30-minute monthly radio show and podcast that informs and educates listeners about translational research relative to current medical/health topics, clinical studies andthe latest advancements in biomedical research, drugs, treatments, therapeutics and interventions that are better, faster and more economical than ever. Hosted by veteran radio personality Bryan Belmer, each show shares our mission of advancing health through research and discovery in our community and worldwide.

CTSI Discovery Radio airs the third Friday of each month at noon on WMSE 91.7 FM, or stream it online.

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Hearing loss affects millions of people, ranging from something that can create inconvenience to causing isolation. But, there are devices that can successfully restore hearing and improve quality of life. Plus, discover how we may already have a tool for better hearing right in our...

Breast cancer affects more American women than any other type of cancer. But the overall incidence and mortality rates don’t tell the whole story about breast cancer, leading to a large-scale study aiming to discover reasons for these significant disparities. Learn about...

Millions of American struggle with something essential for life: Breathing. This is due to a lifelong respiratory disease known as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD. Learn about the battle to breathe with COPD, including real-life experiences of those who have it, inside this...

Clearly, we see that 2020 was a year filled with stories of research and discovery through translational science… including several public health crises, ranging from gun violence impacting our local community, to a vaping epidemic injuring our national community, to an unprecedented coronavirus pandemic plaguing...

The science of epidemiology looks into the incidence and distribution of diseases, and today researchers are tracking cases of and answers for the virus causing a worldwide pandemic. Discover the epidemiology of COVID-19, including definitions for terms you hear related to the Coronavirus. It’s all...

Technology is not only changing how healthcare is delivered, it’s also advancing where and when it’s delivered. On today’s show, discover how the COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly increasing the need for virtual-care. We’ll also hear how virtual-care is impacting patients who are among the most...

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