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CTSI Discovery Radio

Airs every 3rd Friday @ noon on 91.7 WMSE

CTSI Discovery Radio


CTSI Discovery Radio is our 30-minute monthly radio show and podcast that informs and educates listeners about translational research relative to current medical/health topics, clinical studies and the latest advancements in biomedical research, drugs, treatments, therapeutics and interventions that are better, faster and more economical than ever. Hosted by veteran radio personality Bryan Belmer, each show shares our mission of advancing health through research and discovery in our community and worldwide.

CTSI Discovery Radio airs the third Friday of each month at noon on WMSE 91.7 FM.

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Episode Archive

Collection of reliable data is essential to research, whether building a database for studying a specific condition or in building a database for conducting research related to multiple diseases. Discover Data Collection: The Roots of Research…inside this edition of CTSI Discovery Radio!...

Epilepsy can cause misfires in brain circuitry manifesting is seizures. But, research is leading to better understanding of epilepsy. Plus, learn from someone who was recently diagnosed with it. Discover living with epilepsy…inside this edition of CTSI Discovery Radio!...

Aphasia is a condition that negatively affects a person’s ability to speak. But innovative research is happening right here in our community to treat it. We’re giving a voice to Aphasia…inside this edition of CTSI Discovery Radio!...

Across 2022, CTSI Discovery Radio shared topics of research and translational science impacting everything from our local community, to our national community, and innovations discovered locally that are impacting the U.S. and the world. Join us as we review our year of shows, inside this...

It’s the most commonly diagnosed chromosomal condition in the U.S. On today’s show, learn about Down Syndrome and hear from a mother who shares her family’s experience with it. Plus, discover a project that’s improving the quality of life for kids with cognitive and physical...

Precision Medicine continues to gain momentum in U.S. healthcare, and it’s specifically impacting the field of Otolaryngology in our community, including addressing disparities in patient treatment and outcomes. Discover the road to Oto-Clinomics, inside this edition of CTSI Discovery Radio!...

It’s a disorder that causes loss of pigment in tissues and can significantly impact the visual system. Hear from a mother whose son’s diagnosis lead to the discovery that it’s been in her family for generations. It’s all about albinism…inside this edition of CTSI Discovery...

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