MS in Clinical & Translational Science

MS in Clinical & Translational Science

This program is sponsored by the multi-institutional Clinical & Translational Science Institute and leads to a Master of Science Degree in Clinical and Translational Science. The program is designed to meet the translational research training needs of health care professionals, clinical investigators, research scientists and individuals working in biomedical industries. It is open to students with or without advanced academic degrees. All students complete a foundational curriculum focused on translational research, study designs, clinical trials, biostatistics and bioethics. Additional courses emphasize the following concentrations:


Epidemiology and Outcomes Research

These courses focus on training individuals who will conduct population-based and clinical outcomes research.


Translational Research

Courses will emphasize “bench to bedside” research. The courses will focus on training individuals who wish to bridge the research gap between basic and clinical research (e.g. drug development, genetics research, use of animal models). Trainees include both basic scientists who wish to take their work toward clinical application and clinical scientists who wish to investigate the science underlying clinical observations with the goal of developing new understandings or treatments.


Commercial Development

Courses will emphasize the commercialization and regulatory compliance for various classes of therapeutics and diagnostics. This area of emphasis utilizes some existing courses offered in the Healthcare Technologies Program and Bioinformatics Programs.

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