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Research Consenting Workshop

Informed consent is a fundamental aspect of human subjects research, but this concept involves much more than a signed consent document. In this workshop, participants will become familiar with research consenting regulations, institutional requirements, and best practices. Participants will also learn tips and tricks for creating accessible, effective consent documents and conducting successful consent conversations through a mix of interactive lectures and practical, hands-on activities.


This workshop is designed to help participants…

  • Understand the importance and historical context of current informed consent regulations and practices
  • Learn how to effectively consent research subjects
  • Become familiar with the elements of informed consent and create clear, comprehensive consent documents​
  • Successfully navigate special consenting situations that may require additional accommodations or considerations

Intended Audience

Any staff, faculty member, resident, or fellow involved in the research consenting process, including: writing consents, conducting consent conferences, and/or the training and oversight of others assigned to perform consent functions.

Upcoming Dates this Workshop will be Offered
8:00 am Research Consenting Workshop @ Hub for Collaborative Medicine (Hub) A6520
Research Consenting Workshop @ Hub for Collaborative Medicine (Hub) A6520
Mar 16 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Research Consenting Workshop @ Hub for Collaborative Medicine (Hub) A6520 | Wauwatosa | Wisconsin | United States
Registration Prior registration required. Limited to 25 registrants. The cost is $25.00. Payment should be made prior to attendance.

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