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CTSI Presents: The Translational Research Units

CTSI Presents: The Translational Research Units

On April 25th the CTSI Translational Research Units (TRUs) presented on infrastructural support for the conduct of clinical and translational research at the Human Research Professionals Monthly Meeting. Carlos De La Peña, MBBS, MBA, MHA, CTSI Admistrator and Tom Aufderheide, MD, Director of the TRUs welcomed the group and provided introductions about CTSI, the TRUs and the resources available for clinical research. Ed Minter, Manager TRUs, Laura Becker, Interim Director CRI, Manager P-TRU and Joan Banks, Nurse Manager V-TRU presented information about the specific TRU facilities as well as other services available to investigators.  [pullquote type=”2″ align=”right”]

“Our goal is to support, facilitate and expand clinical research at the Medical College, within our academic partners and within the community…we’re here to help and support your excellent research efforts.”

– Tom Aufderheide, MD, PCIR Director and Adult and Community TRU Co-Director


The CTSI Translational Research Units provide infrastructural support for the conduct of clinical and translational research. Support services are provided for a variety of research studies including cardiovascular, genetics, metabolic, neurological, observational, pulmonary and rare diseases.The TRUs are located in Froedtert Hospital (Adult TRU), Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin (Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine TRU), the Zablocki VA Medical Center (VA TRU) and at various sites throughout Greater Milwaukee (Community TRUs).

The Adult TRU (A-TRU) facilities and services are available to investigators at any CTSI partner institution who have an approved protocol. The A-TRU team assists with an array of services such as clinical research nursing support and dedicated nursing time; inpatient and outpatient studies; scattered bed placements; glucose analysis; point of care testing; laboratory sample preparation and processing; and support to a wide range of studies from pilot studies to multi-center clinical trials and phase I and II studies. Equipment available at the A-TRU may be utilized by all the TRUs and includes Lunar iDXA Scanner, noninvasive BP monitor, Glucose Analyzer, -80˚ and -20˚ freezers, refrigerators and a fully equipped Metabolic Kitchen. The A-TRU houses a Core Lab, Sleep Lab, Exercise Physiology Lab, Cardiovascular Lab and a Bionutrition and Body Composition Lab.

The Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine TRU (P-TRU) is a resource for all clinical investigators to perform the translational aspects of their behavioral, clinical and/or observation studies. The P-TRU team assists with services such as clinical research nursing support and dedicated nursing time; study management (budgeting, planning, regulatory); scattered bed placements; inpatient and outpatient visits; behavioral health; IRB Navigation; phase I and II studies and more. Equipment available at the P-TRU may be utilized by all the TRUs and includes a Bod Pod, Pea Pod (mobile), DEXA Scanner, fMRI, -80˚ freezer, refrigerators and a portable refrigerator. The P-TRU has connections to the Herma Heart Center and the electromagnetic pediatric gait lab.

The VA TRU (V-TRU) provides resources for investigators working with veterans and non-veterans. Services provided by the V-TRU team include nursing support and dedicated nursing time; study coordination; laboratory sample preparation and processing; point of care testing; data management and consultation; IRB assistance; access to VA national databases. The V-TRU has connections to cores within the Veteran’s Medical Center such as the Biomechanics Research Core, the Crystal ID Laboratory, the Imaging Station Core and the Keck Animal Imaging Core.

The Community TRU establishes small, temporary research sites throughout the Greater Milwaukee area to help accommodate research studies for larger, more long-term projects. These sites are linked to the hospital based TRUs and may be accessed through the A-TRU or the P-TRU.

Other valuable resources available to investigators conducting research at any of the TRUs are the IRB Navigator, Biostatistical Consultation, Grant Writing Assistance for New Investigators, Pre-Review Service for New Investigators, Research Participant Advocate, Bionutrition services and REDCap.

Accessing these research services is easy. Investigators may complete a Request Space & Service Consultation form on the CTSI website to begin the process.


NIH Funding Acknowledgment: Important Reminder – Please acknowledge the NIH when publishing papers, patents, projects, and presentations resulting from the use of CTSI resources by including the NIH Funding Acknowledgement.


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