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Meet Andrea Moosreiner, MPH, RD, CD

Meet Andrea Moosreiner, MPH, RD, CD

Andrea MoosreinerAndrea Moosreiner has been a registered dietitian with the CTSI Adult Translational Research Unit for the past 8 years. She holds a graduate degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin in Public Health and understands that eating right is different for everyone. Her nutrition knowledge is rooted in science, however, she maintains a realistic approach to eating healthy.

CTSI is grateful to Andrea for her exemplary participation in our Science Café Community Engagement efforts.  Andrea presented “Understanding Food & Nutrition Labels” at the Science Café at St. Ann Center for Intergenerational Care in October.  She did such an excellent job engaging with the audience, that Tabernacle Community Baptist Church’s Health and Wellness ministry invited us to bring her to their congregation on Saturday, February 3, where Andrea made her presentation to another 41 persons, including the Health Minister from Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church who invited her to present again at their Salad Fest on Sunday, May 6.

Tabernacle also scheduled Andrea to return for an additional two presentations “Healthy Eating for People on the Go” on June 2, and “Healthy Food Choices During the Holiday Season” to help them meet their congregational goal of losing 1000 lbs. this year.  So far through the Science Café, Andrea has reached 140 people with her messages, tips, and information to help them make better food choices for healthier living.

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