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Real-time IRB Experiment

Real-time IRB Experiment

Two of the four IRB committees will be designated as “real-time” committees. The goal of these committees is to schedule new IRB submissions for review at an IRB committee meeting within 14-20 days from the day that they are submitted to the IRB.

Investigator candidates who will be eligible to have their research reviewed by one of these Committees under this mechanism will be self-nominated and have had three or more research protocols within last two years approved or approved with modifications at the first IRB meeting for which they were reviewed. The Investigator and study coordinator must attend the IRB meeting so that if the research cannot be approved, the investigator may enter changes into eBridge while the IRB is meeting and then re-present the study for a second review during the same meeting.

This initiative has been designed to provide a mechanism to:

  • Assign a research submission for review at a Convened IRB Committee within 14-20 days from the date of submission to approval
  • Provide a mechanism to guarantee against tabling
  • Issue approval letter with little to no conditions on the first review

More Information

For more information, please contact the IRB office at irboffice@mcw.edu or 955-8422.

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