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Discovery Radio – Episode #27 – Alternative Therapies for PTSD

With the recent Memorial Day and Independence Day holidays, we paid respect to our military veterans who sacrificed their lives and we celebrated our freedom that their sacrifice brings. For many veterans, the price of defending our freedom is high. Even the ones fortunate enough to...

Discovery Radio – Episode #26 – Emerging Disease: Zika Virus

Spring has barely sprung in our area, but already there’s plenty of talk about mosquitoes. Before they’ve even had an opportunity to become pesky, uninvited guest at our backyard BBQs and other outdoor activities, many of us have mosquitoes on our minds due to an...

Real-time IRB Experiment

Two of the four IRB committees will be designated as “real-time” committees. The goal of these committees is to schedule new IRB submissions for review at an IRB committee meeting within 14-20 days from the day that they are submitted to the IRB....

CRISPR Workshop 2016

The era of genome editing is upon us, and the ability to manipulate the genome of organisms is unprecedented today. In this exploding world of genome editing, the clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR) technology has taken the scientific community by storm. In this workshop,...

Discovery Radio – Episode #25 – Forever Changed

With Spring upon us, area high school students are experiencing an annual tradition and one of the school year’s highlights: Prom. It’s an exciting time. But, along with all of the pomp and pageantry this time of year brings, it also brings concern for parents because...

CTSI Announces the 2016 Pilot Awardees

CTSI will fund 13 new research projects through its Pilot Translational and Clinical Studies Program, including one that reflects a vibrant new partnership with the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Cardiovascular Center (CVC) to support cardiovascular clinical and translational science research. This year’s investigative teams will...

Discovery Radio – Episode #24 – ADHD Diagnosis Challenges

We’ve all heard the expression, “kids will be kids,” but sometimes children act in ways that cannot be explained away so simply. When a young person shows symptoms of fidgeting, issues in getting along with others, excessive talking or risky behavior, it’s possible that child...

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