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15 Apr
Discovery Radio – Episode #24 – ADHD Diagnosis Challenges

We’ve all heard the expression, “kids will be kids,” but sometimes children act in ways that cannot be explained away so simply. When a young person shows symptoms of fidgeting, issues in getting along with others, excessive talking or risky behavior, it’s possible that child...

08 Apr
Esophagus Regeneration Successful in Human Patient

US physicians successfully regenerated a patient's badly damaged esophagus using off-the-shelf components approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and autologous platelet-rich plasma adhesive gel. Kulwinder S. Dua, MD, from the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and colleagues report...

18 Mar
Discovery Radio – Episode #23 – Connectomes & Genomes

The human brain is complex, its various regions wired together by vast and intricate networks of connections so abundant, it’s a wonder we ourselves can understand how it actually works. But a couple of studies are doing exactly that. Find out what we’ve learned, and...

15 Jan
Discovery Radio – Episode #21 – The Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI)

Throughout medical history, countless diseases have been diagnosed, treated, and prevented over time. Unfortunately, far too many diseases have no known means for effectively treating them, much less preventing them from occurring in the first place. What we do know is that the need is...

18 Dec
Discovery Radio – Episode #20 – 2015 Year In Review

2015 was a year of advancing our community’s health through research and discovery…but what research and what did we discover? On this edition of CTSI Discovery Radio, we’ve prepared a special “2015 Year In Review” show. For the next 30 minutes, we invite you to join...

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