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Discovery Radio – Episode #5 – Living with Sickle Cell Disease

Discovery Radio – Episode #5 – Living with Sickle Cell Disease

Each day, more than 100,000 people suffer from a chronic, genetic blood disease that causes debilitating pain. When there’s no cure, where do you turn for help? On this episode of CTSI Discovery Radio, we’ll discuss new ways people living with Sickle Cell Disease are finding some relief right here in our own back yard through new clinical trials, a medical home for Sickle Cell patients, and new guidelines to help lower the risk of the disease causing a crisis in patients it affects.


  • Bevan K. Baker, FACHE – Commissioner of Health, City of Milwaukee
  • Gordon R. Bernard, MD – Director, Vanderbuilt University Institute for Clinical & Translational Research (VICTR)
  • W. Keith Hoots, MD – Director, the Divison of Blood Disease and Resources at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI)
  • Joshua Field, MD, MS – Associate Medical Director, BloodCenter of Wisconsin
  • Mark Mone, PhD, MBA – Interim Chancellor, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee (UWM)
  • Elodie Kassa – Participant, Dr. Field’s Sickle Cell Research / UW-Milwaukee Graduate Student

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