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Discovery Radio – Episode #9 – Type 2 Diabetes & Eating Well

Discovery Radio – Episode #9 – Type 2 Diabetes & Eating Well

Do you or someone you know have Type 2 Diabetes? It is an epidemic among adults in Wisconsin and across the country. In this episode of CTSI Discovery Radio, find out how a balanced diet can be one of your best tools to manage Type 2 diabetes.


  • Jacquelyn Fredrick, President and CEO, BloodCenter of Wisconsin
  • Harry B. Greenberg, MD, Stanford Spectrum: The Stanford Center for Clinical and Translational Research and Education
  • Ann Albright, PhD, RD, Director, Division of Diabetes Translation, Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
  • David Nelson, PhD, MS, Assistant Professor, Family & Community Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Andrea Moosreiner, CTSI Bionutritionist, Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Karen Tredwell, Executive Director, Food Pantry of Waukesha County

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