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Discovery Radio – Episode #8 – Biomedical Research & You

Discovery Radio – Episode #8 – Biomedical Research & You

How much do you know about research? Biomedical research, to be specific. The scientific research data on cardiac arrest alone is shocking. Nationally, more than 9 out of 10 people who suffer cardiac arrest will die, but not here in Southeast Wisconsin. On this episode of CTSI Discovery Radio, find out why Milwaukee County is a healthier place to live because of biomedical research and you!


  • Dr. Robert Clark, Director, University of Texas Health Science Center, the University of Texas, San Antonio
  • Dr. David Clark, Director, Human Research Protections
  • Dr. Tom Aufderheide, Professor, Emergency Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Kenneth Sternig, Program Director, Milwaukee County Emergency Medical Services & EMS Council, Division of Milwaukee County Emergency Management System

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