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Discovery Radio – Episode #26 – Emerging Disease: Zika Virus

Discovery Radio – Episode #26 – Emerging Disease: Zika Virus

Spring has barely sprung in our area, but already there’s plenty of talk about mosquitoes.

Before they’ve even had an opportunity to become pesky, uninvited guest at our backyard BBQs and other outdoor activities, many of us have mosquitoes on our minds due to an emerging, mosquito-borne disease that’s making news headlines as it makes its way around the globe.

It’s called Zika Virus and, so far, it’s mosquito-carriers are being linked to a wide path of illness, severe birth defects and even deaths in several countries around the world. So, what threat level could Zika Virus pose for our country and, closer to home, our community?

Take a closer look, as we examine an emerging disease, Zika Virus, inside this edition of CTSI Discovery Radio!


  • Ann Powers, PhD, Chief, Alphavirus Laboratory, Division of Vector-Borne Diseases, CDC
  • Grayson Brown, PhD, Principal Investigator, Public Health Entomology Laboratory, University of Kentucky
  • Loren Galvao, MD, MPH, Senior Scientist, Global Health, College of Nursing, UWM

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