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Discovery Radio – Episode #23 – Connectomes & Genomes

Discovery Radio – Episode #23 – Connectomes & Genomes

The human brain is complex, its various regions wired together by vast and intricate networks of connections so abundant, it’s a wonder we ourselves can understand how it actually works. But a couple of studies are doing exactly that.

One is a study being conducted right here in our community, taking a closer look at the brains of people affected by epilepsy. Another is the largest study ever conducted to better understand the healthy human brain.

Find out what we’ve learned, and what we’re still learning, about the human brain’s system of connections or ‘Connectome’.

And, get an inside look at a cool museum exhibit, here in our community right now, that unlocks the code of the human genome.

It’s a show of Connectomes and Genomes, inside this edition of CTSI Discovery Radio.


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