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Discovery Radio – Episode #2 – PTSD

Discovery Radio – Episode #2 – PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is not a new condition, but how we have started to recognize it and help our returning service men and women cope with it is. On this episode of CTSI Discovery Radio, hear how the answers to relieving the anxiety of PTSD might already be in our veterans’ own back pockets.


  • Joseph E. Kerschner – Dean and Executive Vice President, Medical College of Wisconsin; President, CTSI Board of Directors
  • John Scocos – Wisconsin Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs
  • Zeno Franco, PhD – Assistant Professor, Family & Community Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Jada Reynold – Peer Mentor, Dryhootch of America – Milwaukee
  • Paul Piaskoski – CBS58 News Anchor

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