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Discovery Radio- Episode #32- Special Edition: 2016 Year in Review

Discovery Radio- Episode #32- Special Edition: 2016 Year in Review

This year was a year filled with interesting news and stories of research and discoveries through translational science and throughout 2016, CTSI Discovery Radio brought you lots of them!

On today’s show we’ll revisit some of the important stories we shared with you…like how our medical industry hopes to revolutionize healthcare and treat diseases in our country, an emerging disease that made international headlines, and some amazing, alternative therapies for providing treatment to our U.S. military service veterans.  And later, we’ll take a look back at some of the things our ‘CTS-Eye on the Community’ focused on during 2016.

It’s our special year-in-review show as we reflect on what we learned during 2016, inside this edition of CTSI Discovery Radio!

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