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Discovery Radio – Episode #6 – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Discovery Radio – Episode #6 – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

If you’re wearing pink, it’s probably because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Where there have been great advances in diagnosing and treating breast cancer, there are still many unanswered questions about the most invasive, aggressive types of the disease. On this episode of CTSI Discovery Radio, we’ll discuss new findings – inside the cancer cells themselves – that may hold the key to treating breast cancer with personalized medicine for each patient.


  • Harry B. Greenberg, MD, Stanford Spectrum: The Stanford Center for Clinical and Translational Research and Education
  • Cathy Buck, MSN, RN, President, Froedtert Hospital
  • Carol Williams, PhD, Professor MCW
  • Sue Ann Thompson, Former Wisconsin First Lady, Founder, Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation
  • Carol Cameron, Program Manager, Wisconsin Pink Shawl Initiative
  • Sara Sahli, American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network
  • Molly Snyder, Journalist/Author, OnMilwaukee.com

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