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Discovery Radio – Episode #58 – Opioid Epidemic Update & Pain Research

Discovery Radio – Episode #58 – Opioid Epidemic Update & Pain Research

The battle against heroin and prescription opioid use disorder wages on across our nation and in our community. On today’s show, we’ll update you on local efforts to fight and measure the size and scope of our local epidemic. We’ll also discover what researchers are learning about chronic pain and pain treatment. And we’ll focus our CTS-Eye on a clinical trial using an item found in your local grocery store to battle a bacterial infection. Come and discover with us, inside thisedition of CTSI Discovery Radio!


  • Jillian Theobald, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor; Co-Medical Director, Adult Translational Research Unit; CTSI, MCW
  • Cheryl Stucky, PhD, Marvin Wagner Endowed Professor, Department of Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy; Director, Neuroscience Doctoral Program; Director, Pain Division, Neuroscience Research Center, MCW
  • L. Silvia Muñoz-Price, MD, PhD, Professor, Clinical Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, MCW; Enterprise Epidemiologist, Froedtert and MCW

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