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Discovery Radio – Episode #55 – Mind in the Making

Discovery Radio – Episode #55 – Mind in the Making

When a research scientist’s work revealed that kids today are losing their passion for learning, she took action to address this critical issue in child development. On today’s show, discover how her research lead first to a best-selling book, and now a program teaching the seven essential life skills every child needs, including right here in our community. And later, we’ll focus our CTSI on an effort bringing hope to children with rare diseases through the power of music. Learn about Mind in the Making and Harmony 4 Hope, inside this edition of CTSI Discovery Radio!


  • Ellen Galinsky, MS, Chief Science Officer, Bezos Family Foundation; Executive Dirtector, Mind in the Making
  • Erin Ramsey, MS, Senior Program Manager, Mind in the Making
  • Kerry Hughes, M.Ed, Founder & President, Harmony 4 Hope
  • Raul A. Urrutia, MD, Director, Genomic Sciences & Precision Medicine Center; Professor, Department of Surgery, MCW
  • Ryan Freund, Rare Storyteller, Harmony 4 Hope

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