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Discovery Radio – Episode #45 – Postdoc Industry Consultants (PICO)

Discovery Radio – Episode #45 – Postdoc Industry Consultants (PICO)

In academic medicine, post-doctoral fellows are often at the forefront of scientific research. But not all post-docs stay in academics. On today’s show, we’ll discover an organization that’s helping post-docs gain experience from industry, while providing knowledge to industry. It’s known as PICO, or Postdoc Industry Consultants. Learn more, inside this edition of CTSI Discovery Radio!


  • Julie Tetzlaff, PhD,  Associate Dean for Postdoctoral Affairs and Graduate Career Development, PICO Faculty Advisor, MCW
  • Chad Beyer, PhD, Senior Vice President of Research and Development, Promentis Pharmaceuticals
  • Fabian Yu, Biotechnology Consultant, PICO
  • Kalpa Vithalani, PhD, Licensing Manager, Office of Technology Development, MCW

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