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Discovery Radio – Episode #100: Emerging Technologies & The Art of Science

Discovery Radio – Episode #100: Emerging Technologies & The Art of Science

Emerging technologies continually change medical practice, whether improving how we take medications or creating new innovations to increase treatment options.  Discover emerging technologies and explore the Art of Science, inside our 100th episode of CTSI Discovery Radio!


Abhay Singh Chauhan_Academic Profile

Abhay Singh Chauhan, PhD, MPharm, BPharm
Associate Professor, Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences
Medical College of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy


Brandon J. Tefft, PhD
Assistant Professor, Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering,
Director, Cardiovascular Regenerative Engineering Laboratory,
Medical College of Wisconsin, Marquette University


Aoy Tomita-Mitchell, PhD
Professor, Department of Surgery (pediatric cardiothoracic surgery)
Medical College of Wisconsin


Alex Boyes
Senior Creative Consultant, Office of Communications and Brand Strategy
Medical College of Wisconsin

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