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About Community Engagement

The Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) is a National Institutes of Health sponsored effort designed to translate scientific advances into better medical care. The mission of CTSI and Community Engagement Program is to foster strong relationships between academic researchers, clinicians and local partners with the goal of using these advances in science to improve overall community health. These Citizen/Scientist partnerships create vital relationships and provide the infrastructure needed to address health disparities by engaging with our communities in a bi-directional dialogue about science and health priorities.

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Intro Capacity Building for Community Engaged Translational Science
1Community and Academic researchers working together with the strengths of each group. Learn More ›
Overlap between Basic, Clinical, & Community Engagement in Research
The role of the relationship between academic and community partners is vital to ensuring goals. Learn More ›
Role of Community Embedded Research Translationist
3Trust between the community and academic partners is key to creating the environment for…Learn More ›

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Working together, scientists, clinicians and community advocates can improve the health of our community and bring research discoveries to the patient bedside and community. Become an advocate, and help us improve the health of our community.
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Citizens Advisory Council

The Citizens Advisory Council as a part of the Community Engagement Program and supports interrelated, collaborative relationships between the key functions of the CTSI structure and provides new opportunities for faculty and students to expand work with communities.
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Community organizations represented in the Citizens Advisory Council include the Agape Community Center, the IMPACT Planning Council, the Silver Spring Neighborhood Center, the United Community Center, and the United Neighborhood Centers of Milwaukee.
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About Science Cafés

The purpose of the Science Café program is to strengthen science literacy by engaging the community and translational scientists in an informal setting through bi-directional dialogue of current scientific and medical issues and their translational impact on our culture and society.

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