Integrating Research into Clinical Practice (IRCP) Pilot Awards

Integrating Research into Clinical Practice (IRCP) Pilot Awards

The Integrating Research into Clinical Practice (IRCP): Innovations in Healthcare Delivery Pilot Grants are supported by the Medical College Physicians Group (MCP) and the Clinical and Translational Science Institute of Southeast Wisconsin (CTSI). The fundamental goal of these awards is to stimulate innovative pilot projects that promise to measurably and meaningfully improve delivery of healthcare in terms of clinical quality, patient experience, value and efficiency through development of Research Product Lines (RPLs).

Status: Closed

Innovations in Healthcare Delivery research focuses on discovery and the application of scientific findings into a real-world setting to improve quality of care. It is the goal of the MCP and CTSI to encourage novel approaches to solving complex health related problems and improve health outcomes by creating new, bidirectional flows of information for efficient and effective delivery of healthcare.


This grant is intended to fund the formation of RPLs to solve important clinical problems. Therefore, the applications will be reviewed with a focus on:

  • Research Product, i.e., the clinical issue being resolved, the impact of solving this problem and the feasibility of achieving this goal.
  • Members of the Research Product Line, i.e., qualified investigators working on the research question,
  • Qualifications of the Research Product Line Leader (i.e., Principal investigator) to deploy the team’s expertise and the ability of the team to operate effectively.


Research Product is defined as the outcome of investigation into a clinical problem. This outcome may include improved process, facilitated access, improved patient satisfaction, new diagnostic or therapeutic modalities; cheaper, faster and better diagnostic or treatment outcomes.

Research Product Line is defined as a team of investigators comprised of clinicians and members of a research team with relevant complementary disciplines aiming to develop a well-defined research product. This team is envisioned to be inter- or trans-disciplinary and include those with the expertise necessary to deliver the research product. MCP and CTSI seek to encourage applicants to take advantage of available expertise in the continuum of care and related disciplines such as: nursing, social scientists, ethicists, biostatisticians, informatics specialists, human factors specialists, industrial engineers and other members of clinical care delivery teams in developing the Research Product Line.

Research Product Lines are anticipated to incorporate the following principles in their operations: Collaboration, Transformation, Facilitation and Education. CTSI will provide a research counselor to each awarded product line to support the team with intellectual and research advice.

CTSI Support

  • All Applicants, whether funded or not, have the ability to receive assistance and support with grant writing, IRB pre-review, and IRB navigation from CTSI.
  • CTSI can assist with identifying potential interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaborators for projects. Investigators that are interested in forming new collaborative relationships are encouraged to contact CTSI. We will assist you with identifying potential interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaborators for these projects.

NIH Funding Acknowledgment: Important Reminder – Please acknowledge the NIH when publishing papers, patents, projects, and presentations resulting from the use of CTSI resources by including the NIH Funding Acknowledgement.


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