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Bionutrition & Body Composition Lab

Bionutrition & Body Composition Lab

The Clinical and Translational Science Institute’s Bionutrition and Body Composition Lab is based out of the Adult Translational Research Unit (ATRU) and provides services to researchers from all CTSI affiliated institutions and community organizations.


The CTSI Bionutritionist assists with planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating the nutrition and body composition components of research protocols and community programs. The ATRU houses a metabolic kitchen dedicated to providing general or protocol specific meals. It also has a body composition lab where whole body DXA scans, anthropometric measurements, bioelectrical impedance analysis, and energy assessment take place.


Froedtert East Pavilion, Lower Level


7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Special arrangement for service outside these times can be scheduled.


CTSI Bionutrition and Body Composition Lab Services

  • Dietary assessment methods for research
  • Dietary analysis using Nutrition Database Systems for Research (NDSR) for over 170 dietary nutrients
  • Metabolic kitchen for macro and micronutrient controlled snacks, meals, and diets
  • Lifestyle counseling for dietary compliance using motivational interviewing techniques and optional telehealth services
  • Basic anthropometric measurements; height, weight, and circumference measurements
  • Skinfolds measurements for percent body fat estimation by a skilled technician
  • Bioelectrial impedance analyzer (Quadscan) for total body water, intercellular and extracellular fluid, and percent body fat measurements
  • iDXA exam for regional and total body composition measurement, including visceral adipose tissue
  • iDXA exam for bone density measurements using GE Medical’s enCORE software and TBS iNsight
  • Indirect Calorimetry using Pravo TrueOne 2400 Metabolic Cart for resting energy expenditure testing
  • Consult on study design and population specific methods for diet assessment, body composition measurement, and energy expenditure

Costs / Fees
ServiceDescription of ServicesNon-ProfitFor-Profit
General Bionutritional Clinical ServicesParticipant Coordination (scheduling, check-in)
Room use and set-up
Snacks and meals for use over two hours
Clinical/lab equipment & supplies (usual and customary)
Hourly rates invoiced at 15 minute increments; mileage invoiced at current IRS rate, when applicable.
Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
After hours and weekends$60/hour$60/hour
Protocol Start-Up (Stand-Alone Protocols Only)Document review (protocol; IRB; eBridge; consent; etc.)
Coordination (meetings; communications; etc.)
Administration (cost estimate; Letter of Agreement)
Protocol Set-Up (All Protocols)Clinical flowsheet creation and PI verification
Staff orientation and education
Site selection visits
Equipment certifications
Tour of facilities
REDCap project setup
AnthropometricsHeight; weight; waist; hip; thigh
Multiple site measurements
Waist to hip ratios calculated
Skinfold measurements performed by a skilled technician
Population specific equations calculated with references
Data ManagementDocumentation of Bionutrition measurements
Exporting and importing data into secure databases (e.g. REDCap)
Quality assurance checks of data; submissions; etc.
Dietary AssessmentNutrition Screen: nutritional risk & status evaluation
24 Hour Recall & Food Record Keeping (including food record materials with instructions)
Nutrient analysis using NDRS
Food Frequency questionnaires
Indirect Calorimetry Analysis (Resting Metabolic Rate)Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) & Respiratory Quotient$40/hour$60/hour
Community Testing Rate
$60 first test
$50 repeat test
Lifestyle CounselingConsultation focused on compliance w/dietary protocols, goal setting, social support, stimulus response & self-efficacy improvement approaches$40/hour$60/hour
Research Meal ServicesResearch Meal Design
Participant consultation and assessment
NDSR macronutrient and micronutrient controlled meals and complete menus
Menu materials printed
Research Meal/Snack Preparation
Grocery shopping
Food and supply ordering
Packaging of meals
Clean up, etc.
Research Meal Food & Supply
Cost varies per food cost; ingredients; “to go” packaging (pass through)
Research Meal Delivery
Cost is for time for delivery plus mileage per current IRS rates
Bioelectric ImpedanceTotal, extracellular, intercellular body water measurement, lean mass, and percent fat body measurement
Hourly rate invoiced at 15 minute increments
DXA ScansTotal body composition and/or bone mineral density testing (AP Spine and Dual Femurs)$40/hour$60/hour
Female participants may require a pregnancy test$5$10
Technician fee
Hourly rate invoiced at 15 minute increments
$120 first scan
$80 repeat scan
TRU Facility UseParticipant Coordination (scheduling, check-in)
Room use and set-up
Clinical/lab equipment & supplies (usual and customary)
Hourly rate invoiced at 15 minute increments
TRU Terms & Attestations

TRU Terms & Attestations


  • The TRU requires a fully signed Letter of Agreement (LOA), a study roll-out meeting, and a copy of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) Approval letter before the study may begin.
  • Cancellation of Requested Services: Please provide notice of at least 48 hours for cancellation of requested services.
  • Scheduling of Requested Services: Please email contact us through the form below to set up a study appointment. Availability is to the best of our ability with variables including but not limited to: already scheduled services for this or any other study, availability of appropriate staff, and availability of appropriate physical space.
  • The TRU fees are subject to change. Every effort will be made to minimize the amount and frequency of such changes.
  • As a practice, the TRU will maintain study documentation in EPIC. It is up to the individual study team to create and maintain their own source documents per their study requriements. Notify TRU RNs if certain elements need to be added to the EPIC progress note (i.e. vial number or kit lot numbers). If any additional documents outside of EPIC are kept in the PTRU, they will be turned over to the Principal Investigator at the time of study completion in the PTRU.
  • As a CTSI Investigator, you agree to participate in the TRU’s annual satisfaction survey process.
  • Should additional services be requested, a new proposal may be created to outline the scope of the request and associated cost-sharing fees. This LOA will be amended as necessary.
  • If any changes are made in your protocol, it is the study team’s responsibility to provide any updated IRB approved forms and review any procedural changes with the PTRU Nurse Manager prior to the next participant’s scheduled visit.
  • The TRU will bill on a monthly basis for all services rendered.
  • Payment for services performed will be expected upon receipt of a billing statement.


  • On behalf of the department/division/institute or other professional jurisdiction that you represent, you attest that all of the following conditions have been satisfied:
    • The Principal Investigator is a faculty member, credentialed physician, licensed nurse or licensed pharmacist (as applicable) in good standing;
    • The Principal Investigator is approved to devote the proposed time and effort to this project;
    • If the Principal Investigator’s application identifies Department/Division/Institute funds to support this project, this Department/Division/Institute endorses this commitment;
    • The project has scientific merit, uses procedures consistent with sound research design, and is likely to yield the expected knowledge; and
    • The proposal is a complete and coherent one.
  • You agree to cite the Pediatric TRU of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin on all publications arising from any research project receiving support from the PTRU.
  • If you are funded by a CTSI award, you agree to cite CTSA NIH Grant UL1TR001436 and if applicable KL2TR001438 on all publications arising from any research project receiving support from the CTSI. Publications arising from any research project receiving support from the CTSI must acknowledge such support by stating the following:
    • “Support received by grant UL1TR001436 from the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) program of the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences.”
    • KL2 Scholars: “Support received by grants UL1TR001436 and KL2TR001438 from the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) program of the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences.”

Request Services

Please note, we have centralized the requests for services for the service cores listed below. You no longer need to submit a separate request forms for each core, if you are using more than one.

  • Adult TRU
  • Pediatric TRU
  • VA TRU
  • Community TRU
  • Mobile TRU
  • TRU Core Lab
  • CTSI Clinical Trials Office
  • Biostatistics
  • Bionutrition Services

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