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SAMS Opportunities

SAMS Opportunities

A limited number of 6, 8, 10, or 11-week paid, full-time (40 hours per week) summer fellowships are awarded competitively to MCW medical students wishing to participate in a rigorous research or academic experience during the summer between the M1 and M2 years.

Medical Student Summer Research Program

Summer Research fellowships are supported by 3 federal grants and other internal resources. Projects must align with the research areas associated with each grant in order to be considered for funding.

  • Explore careers in cutting edge biomedical research and academic medicine
  • Gain research tools applicable to clinical practice
  • Add distinction to your medical school CV
  • Develop mentoring associations with faculty preceptors

Students actively participate on a research team supervised by MCW faculty, and gain opportunities to observe how new discoveries translate into the development of new drugs, devices, and treatment modalities, and to explore basic science, clinical or translational research and potential research careers. Publishing and presenting are two program goals.

Federal Grants
  • National Heart Lung Blood and Sleep Institute – NIH-NHLBI 2T35 HL072483-34
    • PI: David R. Harder, PhD, Kohler Company Professor of Cardiovascular Research, Associate Dean for Research, Professor of Physiology
    • Research area: Heart, blood, lung and sleep research
    • This grant supports 24 fellowships annually (11 weeks each)
    • Contact: Chamia Gary, MS, cgary@mcw.edu; (414) 955-2522
  • National Institute on Aging – NIH-NIA 2T35 AG029793-12
    • PI: Linda N. Meurer, MD, MPH, Professor, Family and Community Medicine
    • Research area: Aging-related injury prevention and management; patient safety
    • This grant supports 10 fellowships annually (10-11 weeks each)
    • Contact: Carletta Rhodes, crhodes@mcw.edu, 414-955-8291
  • National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases– NIH-NIDDK 1R25 DK098104-05
    • PIs: Kevin R. Regner, MD, Associate Professor and Interim Chief, Medicine-Nephrology and Michael Dwinell, PhD, Associate Professor, Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
    • Research area: Kidney and related diseases. Interested students should contact Dr. Regner directly to be matched with both a research and a clinical mentor. Summer students will continue to participate in a Kidney Disease Learning Community during the academic year following training.
    • This grant supports 5 fellowships annually (10 weeks each)
    • Contact: Kevin Regner, MD, kregner@mcw.edu; (414) 805-9050 or Chamia Gary, MS, cgary@mcw.edu; (414) 955-2522
Internal Grants
  • Dr. Michael J. Dunn Medical Student Summer Research Fellowships
    • This grant supports 3 fellowships annually (8 weeks each)
    • Research area: Topically unrestricted
    • Contact: Chamia Gary, MS, cgary@mcw.edu; (414) 955-2522
  • Class of 2001 Scott Sprtel Summer Research Fund
    • This grant supports 1 fellowship annually (8 weeks)
    • Research area: Topically unrestricted
    • Contact: Chamia Gary, MS, cgary@mcw.edu; (414) 955-2522
Other SAMS Opportunities

Note: the programs below are pending the availability of funding

  • AHW Funded Student Research Projects. Up to 6 fellowships (10 weeks each; hourly wage) Projects must seek to advance health through basic science, clinical, translational, or population health research that builds on larger research efforts of the MCW investigator providing direct mentorship on the student project. Investigators must have an active research project funded by the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Endowment (AHW), a statewide health improvement philanthropy propelling the most promising ideas to build a healthier Wisconsin for generations to come and be pre-approved by AHW to serve as a preceptor. Contact: Tracy Wilson trwilson@mcw.edu or 414-955-4364.
  • Herma Heart Center of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
    • Several fellowships are available annually pending funding.
    • Research area: Pediatric cardiology/cardiovascular
    • Special interview required
    • Contact: Jennifer Yauck, jyauck@chw.org; (414) 266-2325
  • Dr. Elaine Kohler Summer Academy of Global Health Research
    • 4-6 fellowships (10 weeks each) are available pending funding
    • Director: Stephen Hargarten, MD, MPH
    • Students spend part of the summer at MCW and part abroad
    • Contact: Tifany Frazer tfrazer@mcw.edu; (414) 955-4763
    •  Application due December 3
  • Medical Student Summer Quality Improvement Program (MSSQIP)-Adults
    • 5 fellowships (10 weeks each) are available pending funding
    • Director: Geoffrey Lamb, MD
    • Projects must involve a quality improvement initiative or formal study that informs a quality improvement effort. Preceptor must be a member of the Medical College Physicians (MCP) group which is comprised of MCW physicians in adult practice.
    • Contact: Geoffrey Lamb, MD glamb@mcw.edu; (414) 955-0579 for a list of projects and preceptors.
  • Medical Student Summer Quality Improvement Program (MSSQIP)-Pediatrics
    • Director: Catherine Ferguson, MD
    • Projects must involve a quality improvement initiative or formal study that informs a quality improvement effort in pediatric practice.
    • Contact: Catherine Ferguson, MD cferguson@mcw.edu
  • Summer Cancer Disparities Training Program
    • 1-2 fellowships (8 weeks each)
    • Stipend is $2,600
    • This collaborative program with the Milwaukee Area Health Education Community (MAHEC) features targeted, mentored qualitative and quantitative research projects focusing on cancer disparities, as well as interactive experiences shadowing basic scientists as well as community events in the field.
    • Interested students should contact Dr. John Meurer jmeurer@mcw.edu or Dr. Melinda Stolley mstolley@mcw.edu for more information and application instructions.
  • Collaborative Health Delivery Science
    • Directors: David Brousseau, MD, MS and Kathlyn Fletcher, MD, MA
    • Projects must seek to improve the value delivered to patients in Wisconsin through healthcare operations, improvement methodology, and/or health services research. Preference will be given to students working with faculty who are affiliated with CHDS.
    • Contact: Jeanne Tyszka jtyszka@mcw.edu; (414) 955-7431
External Resources

Medical students interested in externally supported fellowships should apply directly to these organizations, as instructed on the individual websites. Students who are awarded outside fellowships also will participate in the Medical Student Summer Research Program and will attend orientation, seminars, and other activities scheduled unless the external fellowship takes place at another institution.

Students who apply for external funding must also complete the MCW summer research application as a back-up, in the event their external application is not selected. Contact Chamia Gary, (414) 955-2522 or cgary@mcw.edu for help in identifying MCW projects/faculty working in these research areas below:

Please consult with your preceptor to identify other external organizations that may provide summer research fellowships for medical students.

NIH Funding Acknowledgment: Important Reminder – Please acknowledge the NIH when publishing papers, patents, projects, and presentations resulting from the use of CTSI resources by including the NIH Funding Acknowledgement.


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