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Vroom Wisconsin Initiative

As we lift up the importance of physical health and overall well-being for children, CTSI CAN/Vroom is educating the community on the neuroscience of healthy brain development and the importance of the first five years of life.

Vroom, a national initiative of the Bezos Family Foundation, empowers families through increased access to information about early brain development. Vroom turns shared moments between a caregiver and a child into brain building moments during daily activities.

Vroom’s Brain-Building Moments are successfully integrated into the Milwaukee community with thousands of parents/caregivers and over one hundred twenty-five community-based organizations across five sectors (faith-based, child care centers, health care, nonprofits and schools).

Vroom messages are layered where children stay, play, pray and pay reminding parents, “You Already Have What it Takes” to be brain builders. For more information, go to www.joinvroom.org.

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For additional information and to become a Vroom partner, contact us at ctsican@mcw.edu.

Vroom is here to help

This period of change with COVID-19 may bring new challenges, but  you already have what it takes! We’ve collected some simple and fun ways to boost  brain building at home together with your child. Even a few minutes count.

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