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The Use of Human Tissue and Public Trust:The Chasm between Science and Ethics Conference

The Use of Human Tissue and Public Trust:The Chasm between Science and Ethics Conference

The CTSI would like to invite our research community to participate in this opportunity to attend a sponsored conference. Creighton University Center for Health Policy & Ethics received funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Research Integrity (ORI) and ORI is presenting a two hour interactive session for researchers as part of the day. Please share with interested colleagues and students. Continuing Ed. credits will be offered.

Purpose: The conference will educate researchers, clinicians, humanists, and members of the public regarding the benefits of research on human tissue while highlighting the connections between trust, trustworthiness, and research integrity.
Objectives: At the completion of this conference the participants should be able to:

  • Weigh the social benefits of medical knowledge derived from tissue research against competing moral goods such as the protection of cultural traditions and beliefs as well as protection from exploitation.
  • Examine the concept of trust, particularly from the perspective of marginalized populations and its importance in the research enterprise.
  • Identify gaps in knowledge and values between the science community and the public regarding the use of human tissue.

Designed For: Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurses, Healthcare Educators, Residents, Students, Public Health professionals, other interested healthcare providers and members of the public.

Registration is now open for this free conference. Please share this information with interested colleagues and students.

The Use of Human Tissue and Public Trust: The Chasm between Science and Ethics. Presented Monday September 19, 2011

The benefits from using human tissue/biomedical samples in research are great but do these benefits outweigh the possible harms to individuals or communities? This day-long conference will bring together researchers, clinicians, humanists, and members of the public to examine and discuss these ethical issues that impact us all.

Click to register online now. Registration and Information<http://chpe.creighton.edu/events/other-events/HumanTissue.htm>

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