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Data Symposium 2012

Data Symposium 2012

Gilbert White, MD, Director, Blood Research Institute welcomes participants.

CTSI and SeWHiP (Southeast Wisconsin High Performance Cyberinfrastructure) member organizations hosted Data Symposium 2012 on March 1st to explore data-intensive research challenges. Eight experts from U.S. agencies, national laboratories and research institutes discussed storage solutions for research communities, a model for long-term funding, and tools to facilitate data transfer and sharing. Representatives from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Science Foundation (NSF) conveyed agency expectations for the stewardship and sharing of grant-funded research data. Seventy-one multidisciplinary attendees from 23 regional and national institutions were present.

Participants agreed that a paradigm shift is needed in the way research data is managed. Many individuals store information in ways that are not sustainable or conducive to sharing, and too many self-manage their data, which presents security and continuity concerns. Institutions need to provide long-term stewardship of important scholarly data beyond the scope of individual careers and lifetimes.

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SeWHiP member organizations include: BloodCenter of Wisconsin, Marquette University, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Institute, Inc., Milwaukee School of Engineering and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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