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CTSI Academy Spotlight Seminar Series Continues April 29

CTSI Academy Spotlight Seminar Series Continues April 29

A virtual seminar presented by the CTSI’s Biostatistical, Epidemiology Research & Design (BERD):


Causal Inference and Use of Propensity Scores


Friday, April 29th via Zoom. 2:00pm to 3:00pm


Sergey Tarima, Associate Professor of Biostatistics, Division of Biostatistics, Institute for Health and Equity

About the speaker

Dr. Tarima holds a candidate of technical sciences degree from the Tomsk State University (2002) and a PhD in statistics from the University of Kentucky (2005). His interests include statistical aspects of adaptive designs and in the use of auxiliary information in statistical inference.


Observational Studies are distinctly different from the Randomized Controlled Trails (RCT). RCTs are used for estimating Averaged Treatment Effects (ATE) and heavily rely on impartial randomization to treatment groups. Randomization is not possible in observational studies preventing direct ATE estimation. Instead, Averaged Causal Effect (ACE) can be estimated which mimics ATE. ACE coincides with ATE in RCTs and is an extension of ATE to observational studies. In this presentation, we will discuss causal inference with emphasis on ACEs. We will apply propensity scores for estimating ACEs on observational data. Propensity score based inverse probability weighting will be used for illustrative purposes.

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