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Intellectual Property Video Learning Modules

Intellectual Property Video Learning Modules

Have you discovered something? Do you know the patenting process?

Inventions can have tremendous commercial value if appropriately evaluated, nurtured, and supported. However, most scientists and physicians do not always have the knowledge necessary to take an idea from original discovery through the licensing and commercialization process.

To accelerate the pace at which discoveries move from the laboratory into the community, the CTSI’s Regional Intellectual Property and Commercialization Initiative (Regional IPCI) has developed a series of web-based video learning modules designed to introduce researchers to the technology transfer process. Researchers will find answers to many questions on Early Stage Protection including:

  • When is something of commercial value?
  • How do I document discoveries?
  • What is the patenting process?
  • What are the expectations of the technology transfer office?

Learn more about intellectual property and watch the video learning modules.

NIH Funding Acknowledgment: Important Reminder – Please acknowledge the NIH when publishing papers, patents, projects, and presentations resulting from the use of CTSI resources by including the NIH Funding Acknowledgement.


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