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Meet CTSI TL1 Scholar, Alexandria Colburn

Meet CTSI TL1 Scholar, Alexandria Colburn

Being a CTSI TL1 scholar has been a unique and valuable experience which has cultivated my development as a translational researcher.

As a third-year doctoral student in Marquette University’s Clinical Psychology program, I am responsible for graduate coursework, clinical practicum, managing a research lab, working as a teaching assistant for undergraduate courses, and contributing to scholarly research.

My research has been one of the many important balls in the air, so to speak. Being a TL1 scholar has allowed me to focus my time and resources on my research in a way that I hadn’t yet been able to, while fostering my growth as a clinical translational scientist.

This opportunity has empowered me to delve deeper into my research, examining sources of stress and resilience in Black women in Milwaukee, with a focus on policy change and community programming. It has also enabled me to have conversations with scholars from other disciplines regarding translational research and factors important to research conduct.

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