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NEW Elective Course: Intro to Community Engagement

NEW Elective Course: Intro to Community Engagement

CTSI is sponsoring a new elective course in the Master’s Program in Clinical and Translational Science. Introduction to Community Engagement: Principles of Community Engagement and Community Engagement in Research is an online course that begins in Fall 2012.

Scientific research informs choices about health, policy and other interventions outside the laboratory and clinic. Research must be applicable to real world community settings which requires translation across the research continuum. This course is an introduction to the concepts, theories and principles in community engagement (CE) and community engagement in research (CEnR), with an emphasis on community/academic partnerships. It will examine the methods and strategies of CEnR including partnership development, capacity building, project planning, communication, dissemination, evaluation and ethical practices. This course provides basic scientists, clinical researchers and other health practitioners an introduction to community engagement principles and offers the necessary foundation for translating research into practice. Graduate students, faculty and others are encouraged to enroll.

  • Existing MCW Graduate students, register between July 2-August 3, 2012 to avoid late fees.
  • Tuition for this course: $710 x 3 credits = $2130.
  • All others interested in taking the course for credit, apply to the Graduate School by July 1, 2012.

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