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My Genes/My Health Science Café Series Continues

My Genes/My Health Science Café Series Continues

The second Science Café of the 2012 My Genes/My Health series was held on September 11th at the MSOE Center for BioMolecular Modeling. Elizabeth Worthey, PhD led a discussion on DNA sequencing and personalized medicine. Dr. Worthey is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics and Human Molecular Genetics Center at the Medical College of Wisconsin. She spoke about the story of Nic Volker, the patient described in the Journal Sentinel’s “One in a Billion” story.  In 2010 Nic Volker was a 5 year old boy with a severe inflammatory intestinal disorder who underwent a cord blood transplant after a diagnosis was made in one of the first–ever uses of DNA sequencing. It is now two and half years since Nic has been in treatment and he doing well. The data from the genome sequencing was used successfully to create a personalized medicine plan for Nic. After Dr. Worthey’s talk, she engaged in an informative dialogue with the audience about the future of personalized medicine and genome sequencing.

Join us at the next Science Café, “The Weed Within: Endocannabinoids regulate your mood & response to stress” on October 16th. Learn more>>>

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