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Marquette University Exercise TRU

Marquette University Exercise TRU

The Marquette University Exercise Translational Research Unit (MU EXSC-TRU) is intended to assist with clinical health and athletic performance research. Both research participants and translational investigators will benefit from this well-organized Core that can be a one-stop location for a wide variety of services. The MU EXSC-TRU provides the infrastructural support for the conduct of clinical and translational research projects by providing access to space, resources, and the expertise of research support personnel.

The MU EXSC-TRU is housed in and coordinated through the Human Performance Assessment Core (HPAC) in Marquette’s Program in Exercise Science in the College of Health Sciences on 16th St and Wisconsin Avenue. It provides an environment for investigators to conduct comprehensive human studies in health and fitness. The MU EXSC-TRU is designed to support a wide range of research techniques and protocols in an easy to navigate location with ancillary labs and expertise available to accommodate physiology, body composition, biomechanics, engineering, blood sampling, strength, and power assessments.

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