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Marquette University launches new CTSI graduate programs

Marquette University launches new CTSI graduate programs

On August 4th Marquette University and CTSI celebrated the launching of the new graduate program (both Ph.D. and M.S.) in Clinical and Translational Rehabilitation Health Science (CTRH), recently approved by the Marquette Board of Trustees. The purpose of these programs is to train investigators within the broad field of rehabilitation to lead interdisciplinary research teams with an emphasis in applied human diseases including but not limited to patients with MS, stroke, traumatic brain injury, PTSD, obesity, and cancer.

With new research and teaching laboratories, this graduate program provides the Marquette Department of Physical Therapy, currently ranked 19th in the country by US News and World Reports, the same infrastructure as the top echelon of national programs. An important part of the Education and Training Program, the CTRH program demonstrates the impact of the CTSI at Marquette University and the successful leveraging that the CTSA provides to promote and support translational research.  In addition to support of CTRH, the CTSI has funded four PT faculty with research grants, has offered formal mentorship programs to two PT faculty, and provides a range of educational and technical support in an effort to foster clinical and translational research in southeast Wisconsin.

Four PhD students and one fulltime MS student are enrolled in the first class of the CTRH program,–Alyson Cybulski, Sheri Bunyan, Stacy Stolzmann, Reivian Berrios-Barillas and Mahesh Devagupta.  The current enrollment exceeds the original goal of 2 full time students. During the reception of this program, the new students demonstrated their enthusiasm for the new degrees and paid tribute to the concerted efforts of Drs. Paula Papanek, Larry Pan, Jeanne Hossenlopp, John Pauly, Dale Kaser and the staff of the Graduate School at Marquette University in bring ting this program to fruition.

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