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Spring 2014 Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Course

Spring 2014 Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Course

Intellectual property (IP), in the form of discoveries and new knowledge, is generated during the performance of scientific research. This IP is essential to leverage research funding and promote the translation of discoveries into new drugs, diagnostic tests, and medical devices. Research sponsors, such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and its grantee institutions (e.g., Medical College of Wisconsin), convey certain rights and responsibilities to investigators for managing this IP to benefit themselves, the research sponsor, and the public.

The Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Course (20250A) addresses the principles of IP and presents best practices for protecting and managing IP rights in an academic research environment. This course is intended for students currently enrolled in graduate school programs within the Clinical and Translational Science Institute, the Healthcare Technologies Management Program, and other programs in which students may transfer credit obtained for the Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Course. Non-students wishing to take the course for credit are also welcome. Refer to registration information below for details.

What You Will Learn

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the fundamental scientific, philosophical, legal and economic principles underlying IP
  • Identify the various ways IP is codified and protected, primarily through the use of patents and copyrights, and best practices for managing their IP
  • Develop a working knowledge of the various written agreements that guide the ownership and rights to exploit IP generated during research projects
  • Gain hands-on practical experience with IP-related provisions in federal research grants, sponsored research agreements, consulting agreements, and copyright agreements related to scientific journals and textbooks

Session Format

Each session begins with a 30-minute review/introduction, followed by a lectures or small group study session.

The sessions will cover the following:

  • Protecting Intellectual Property: Copyrights; Patents; Confidentiality
  • Copyright Rights in Scientific Publications, Textbooks and Software
  • Ownership and Sharing of Reagents, Resources, and Data
  • Authorship on Scientific Papers vs. Inventorship on Patents
  • Invention Disclosures and Patent Prosecution
  • Licensing or Otherwise Leveraging Intellectual Property
  • Clinical Trials, Industry-Sponsored Research, Consulting

Course Dates

The Spring 2014 Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Course (20250A) begins on January 9th. Classes will be held on Thursdays, January 9 – February 13, 2014 from 6pm – 9pm at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

How to Register

Registration Deadline

Registration must be completed by November 1, 2013.

MCW Students

MCW students should register through Electronic Access to Student Information (EASI) System.

Non-MCW Students

Non-MCW graduate students should visit Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences website for more information about registration. You may also contact Angela Gord, Associate Registrar, by phone at (414) 955-5670 or via email.

If you are not enrolled in a graduate program at this time and would like to enroll in the course, admission as a non-degree seeking student to the MCW Graduate School is required. Registration must be completed by November 1st. For more information visit the MCW Graduate School website.

If you need special accommodations or would like more information about the course, contact Joseph O. Hill, PhD at (414) 955-4381 or via email.

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