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Congratulations to the 2013 Graduates

Congratulations to the 2013 Graduates

Through its Education and Training Program, CTSI offers programs that provide the appropriate training to enhance research careers. CTSI congratulates the 14 students who earned their degrees in the Master of Science in Clinical and Translational Science, PhD in Basic and Translational Science and PhD in Clinical and Translational Rehabilitation Health Science programs and graduated in May 2013.

Master of Science in Clinical and Translational Science Program

The Master of Science in Clinical and Translational Science Program offered at MCW represents a unique training opportunity for individuals at various stages of their careers. Some students enter the program after completing their undergraduate degrees; others include physicians looking to enhance their research careers by taking formal coursework. The Masters program is a multi-faceted program that joins training in translational research design and collaborative exploration. One very important feature of the program is a mentored research project. According to Jane Kotchen, MD, MPH, Program Director, “This project is a critical aspect of the program and the curriculum is tailored to meet the individual learning needs and interests of the students. We are proud of the successes that our graduates have experienced.”

Andrea Morrison, MD is one of 12 students who fulfilled the requirements for the program and graduated in May. Dr. Morrison is an Assistant Professor of Pediatric Emergency Medicine. She has gained vital expertise through the Master’s program which has allowed her to successfully design and complete a large study during her fellowship. “The skills obtained through the program provide me with a foundation for future research work and will enable my success in the future,” said Dr. Morrison.

Congratulations to all the MS in Clinical and Translational Science Program graduates.

  • Muhammad Ali, MD, MCW
  • Tom Aufderheide, MD, MCW
  • Christine Bengtson, BS, MCW
  • Robin Carroll, MBA, Baxter Healthcare
  • Chelsea Collins, MD, MCW
  • Andrew Gradall, BS, MCW
  • Daniel Helbling, BS, MCW
  • Garick Hill, MD, CHW
  • Elizabeth Kessler, MD, MCW
  • Yachiyo Kuwatsuka, MD, PhD, MCW
  • Andrea Morrison, MD, MCW
  • Julie Slicker, RD, CSP, CD, CNSC, CHW

PhD in Basic and Translational Science

The PhD in Basic and Translational Science program offered at MCW is designed to produce investigators who are rigorously trained in both basic and translational science. Students are trained to think broadly and logically about clinical problems and how to use their research to bridge the gap between basic science knowledge and clinical practice. The success of this program is shown by graduating its first student; Kala Schilter has fulfilled the requirements for this PhD program and graduated in May.

Kala chose to join the PhD program because she wanted to do research that had a strong foundation and goal in improving health. As a result of her participation in the program, Kala developed a more clinical thought process and focus on finding and addressing the gaps in health care, which research can bridge. “I feel that through my basic research and translational focus, I have been prepared very well to address some of the areas of health care, such as personalized medicine, which is growing rapidly and will become very important in the treatment of patients.” said Kala.

Kala is now the Sharon K. Wadina Postdoctoral Fellow in Sarcoma Research in the Clinical and Translational Core Lab at Froedtert Hospital and MCW. “Kala is an excellent example of our students in the PhD Program in Basic and Translational Science. She is enthusiastic, inquisitive, loves research, and has a desire to translate her research to patients,” said Sally Twining, PhD, Program Director.

Master of Science in Clinical and Translational Rehabilitation Health Science

Rehabilitation health science is a multidisciplinary field that encompasses many facets of health care aimed at understanding movement disorders and improving function. The Master of Science in Clinical and Translational Rehabilitation Health Science offered at Marquette University is a two-year intensive program focused on enhancing the knowledge base in rehabilitation science with thesis and non-thesis options. The core curriculum in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, rehabilitation science, statistics and advanced electives prepares students for careers in this rapidly developing and exciting field.

Alyson Cybulski was the first student to enroll in the program and is the first to fulfill the program requirements and graduate. Originally from Illinois, Alyson has now achieved her academic goal of admission to a Doctor of Physical Therapy program in Wisconsin. Alyson’s project involved investigating the impact of a triathlon-training program on survivors of breast cancer. Her work was recently presented at the Annual conference of the American College of Sports Medicine in Indianapolis.

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