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CTSI Community Engagement with Faith-Based Leaders: Pastoral Meeting

Spring Pastoral Meeting 2019

CTSI Community Engagement with Faith-Based Leaders: Pastoral Meeting

The CTSI Child Advancement Network (CAN)/Vroom Wisconsin Initiative is making tremendous strides in the community to share the importance of early brain development through Vroom with our partners in childcare, health care, schools, nonprofit and faith-based sectors. Our goal is to meet children where they stay, play, pay and pray. We currently have over 150+ community based organizational partners who have activated Vroom and we are happy to add a growing synergy within the faith-based community.

CTSI CAN is collaborating with 200 partner churches to activate Vroom to help lead the school readiness campaign. The first CTSI Pastoral Conference was held on November 29, 2018 with 98 attendees including pastors and first ladies to discuss ways to integrate Vroom into their congregation and various ministries. CTSI joined with Pastors United, a consortium of 100+ faith leaders to deepen the work to empower families and our communities in places of worship.

The highlight of the evening was the CTSI/Pastors United Partnership Signing Ceremony where faith leaders pledged to ensure the work of the CTSI Child Advancement Network and Vroom Brain Building messages are integrated in the ministries and services provides for families and children from birth through age five, when the brain is developing most rapidly and the foundation for all future achievement is created.

Together, with the faith-based community, CTSI has established a Council of Faiths, Day of Prayer for Young Children and Healthy Community (April 7, 2019) and continues to work towards building a true collective impact movement that advances the science of early learning and brain development.

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