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A Closer Look at the Trial Innovation Network

A Closer Look at the Trial Innovation Network

Are you conducting multi-site clinical research? If so, there are opportunities for collaboration with the Trial Innovation Network and its partner the Recruitment Innovation Center. The vision for the Trial Innovation Network is to innovatively address critical roadblocks in clinical research and accelerate the translation of novel interventions into life-saving therapies. This collaborative project includes teams of experts across CTSA Program Hubs including our CTSI.

The hubs Trial Innovation Centers specialize in trial protocol, budgets, centralized IRB, data management, and other technical aspects of study.

The Recruitment Innovation Center is focused on the vast array of recruitment efforts including cohort discovery, community engagement studies, and planning recruitment methods.

The Trial Innovation Network is not only the TICs and RIC, but they work with the CTSA Program Hubs, NCATS, NIH ICs, FDA, PCORI, participants, providers, the public, and industry.

Anyone can benefit from the Trial Innovation Network’s free toolkit resources for investigators and research teams so be sure to explore the resources and opportunities today.

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NIH Funding Acknowledgment: Important Reminder – Please acknowledge the NIH when publishing papers, patents, projects, and presentations resulting from the use of CTSI resources by including the NIH Funding Acknowledgement.


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