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2012 My Genes/My Health Science Café Series Wraps Up

2012 My Genes/My Health Science Café Series Wraps Up

The last two Science Cafés of the My Genes/My Health Series took place in October and November. On October 16th, Cecilia Hillard, PhD led a discussion based on her presentation The Weed Within: Endocannabinoids Regulate Your Mood and Response to Stress. Dr. Hillard discussed new insights into the molecular mechanism of action of an endogenous source of this drug and its impact on our brains.

On November 13th, Stephen Duncan, PhD led a discussion based on his presentation Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine: From Here to There…and Back Again. Dr. Duncan discussed the molecular mechanisms whereby cells know to develop into specific cell types and the implications of this new stem cell biology with respect to regenerative medicine.

Thanks to all who participated in this Science Café series! We look forward to the next one!

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