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MarketScan® Research Database

MarketScan® Research Database

Many translational research grants are strengthened pilot data that addresses the prevalence of various conditions in medical populations or current patterns and outcomes of care. While gathering primary data is often infeasible, use of existing databases can support such work. One solution to this problem is the use of the MarketScan® databases. MarketScan® is a widely-used research database that includes person-level data from many large employer health plans. Data include inpatient/outpatient service and diagnosis codes, prescription drug fills and health insurance enrollment; patient information can be tracked across sites and providers over time. Researchers collaborating with MCW faculty can access the following MarketScan® databases for 2011-2014 without charge through June 2018.

Commercial Claims and Encounters Database – Contains data from active employees or early retirees (who are not Medicare eligible) and dependents insured by employer-sponsored plans.

Medicare Supplemental and Coordination of Benefits – Contains data for Medicare-eligible retirees with employer-sponsored Medicare Supplemental plans.

MCW’s agreement allows the data to be used for unfunded or internally-sponsored research by MCW students, faculty and staff from the Biostatistical Consulting Service, Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease Centers, Center for Patient Care and Outcomes Research, and the Departments of Emergency Medicine, Family and Community Medicine, Medicine, Pediatrics, and Surgery. Other faculty may collaborate with these faculty. The MCW IRB considers these MarketScan® data a “public data set,” which allows use with much less intensive IRB oversight.

To learn more about the MarketScan® data, and how to request them, go to the PCOR website. Contact Emily McGinley (mcginley@mcw.edu, 955-8848) with questions.


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